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Полянского обидели

Дмитрий Полянский, первый заместитель постоянного представителя РФ в ООН, обиделся на статью в Washington Post. Статья называется "A dispatch from the fight against Russian disinformation — and a place where truth is winning" и посвящена деятельности Bellingcat. Полянский, который бесславно пытался бороться с Bellingcat в Твиттере, упоминается там не самым уважительным образом.

Last month, Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia’s representative to the United Nations accused Bellingcat of faking a photograph of the missile launcher because, he said, the shadows were wrong. Claims of incorrect shadows have been a staple of conspiracy theories from Lee Harvey Oswald to the moon landing, and Toler quickly pointed out his mistakes.
“It’s just so pathetic, the quality of their work,” Higgins said. “If they aren’t plagiarizing stuff, they’re just making these really stupid statements. Obviously, the Russian foreign ministry doesn’t have any actual evidence.


Обиженный Полянский написал длинное жалобное письмо в редакцию газеты и разместил его на официальном сайте представительства РФ в ООН.

But let’s put aside the bellingcats, let their conscience judge them, they obviously do not deserve so much attention. What worries me most of all is that after four years of the MH17 tragic accident we are still very far from establishing the truth. Unfortunately, the recent push of the Joint Investigation Team to hold Russia responsible on the basis of bellingcats’ findings, inconclusive and missing data from Ukraine and US and with total disregard of our data and documents is another step in this totally wrong direction.
And the attempts to exploit the feelings of the relatives of the victims, mobilize them in support of these unsubstantiated claims are absolutely immoral.



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