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Снова о троллях

Заглавный материал в новом номере журнала Economist посвящён путинским попыткам вмешивается в демократические процессы в других странах. Журнал призывает к отпору и критикует Америку за бездействие.

Republican leaders in Congress are failing their country: at the least they should hold emergency hearings to protect America from subversion in the mid-term elections. Just now, with Mr Trump obsessively blaming the FBI and Democrats, it looks as if America does not believe democracy is worth fighting for.

На графике активности путинских троллей в США начальная точка хронологически совпадает с кампанией по дезинформации вокруг MH17.

In July of that year 298 people were killed when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian missile over eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin responded with a barrage of disinformation blaming Ukraine. Its defence ministry hosted a press conference at which it presented fake data on the plane’s flight path, as well as a tampered video which made it appear that the lorry carrying the missile had passed through Ukrainian-controlled territory. As European public opinion turned sharply anti-Russian, the Kremlin stepped up efforts at covert influence well beyond Ukraine proper.

В расследовании Wall Street Journal расказывается, что деятельность путинских троллей не ограничивалась агитацией на выборах, а включала в себя, к примеру, попытки посеять панику ложными сообщениями об отравленных индейках на День благодарения в 2015. Там также упоминается MH17 в качестве маркера взлёта их активности.

The Journal’s data shows a small number of Russian tweets before 2014, but it was a deadly plane crash that year that brought out the strongest early response. On July 17, 2014, an anti-aircraft missile shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew.
While the Obama administration quickly fingered Russian-backed insurgents in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin suggested it was Ukrainian forces that downed the airliner. A safety board in the Netherlands, which lost many citizens in the crash, concluded the plane was shot down by a Russian-made missile fired from eastern Ukraine.
Russian-linked Twitter users at first tweeted news of the tragedy, but within hours they were raising questions about who was responsible. By the next morning, they had latched onto a hashtag blaming the Ukrainian government: КиевСбилБоинг – Kiev shot down the airliner.
In all, the Journal found 78 now-deactivated Twitter accounts that participated in the Malaysian Flight 17 campaign. They tweeted about it for months.
Not long after the airliner disaster, Russian-linked accounts began turning their attention to America.


Мы не знаем, чем закончится «информационная война» путинской России с США и Европой. Но немного лучше себе представляем, каким образом она началась.

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